HTC Incredible S hard reset

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1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on.
2. Unlock your phone if the Lock screen is displayed. See “Unlocking the screen” in the Getting started chapter.
3. Press and hold the POWER button, and then tap Restart.
4. When asked to confirm, tap Restart.

1. From the Home screen, press MENU, and then tap Settings.
2. Tap SD & phone storage > Factory data reset.
3. On the Factory data reset screen, tap Reset phone, and then tap Erase everything.

Performing a factory reset using phone buttons:

1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button.
2. Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button.
3. Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

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